The First Full Moon of the New Astrological Year

The First Full Moon of the New Astrological Year

Oh la Luna Llena! The Full Moon, one of the most beautiful sights of the nights. Often you can spot her in day light contrasting with blue skies or peeking through a cloud. Wherever she is, it is a reminder of her closeness to earth. Her phases gave guidance and light to travellers. She is known by different names in ancient civilisations. She has endless associations from being the Great Mother Goddess of creation to superstition, beliefs and myths.

You cannot dispute the fascination and inspiration the Moon has been for humanity throughout the times. The Moon was broadly used in farming practices which are still used in current times. In many religions, the Moon phases are used to calculate when celebrations will take place. For example: Easter Sunday is always after the first Full Moon that follows right after the Spring Equinox.

In astrology the Moon represents the principles of: nurturing, caring, sensitive, intuition, feeling nature, to need, the home, mother and baby, conscious and unconscious, moods and feelings, yin energy, the feminine principle. The Moon is as important as the Sun in chart interpretation; and just like the Sun sign tells some of the traits that might characterise a person, so does the Moon by the sign and its phase when a person was born.

The first Full Moon of the new astrological year 2021 is in Libra. It highlights topics of how we relate to others, sharing, peace, harmony. For each sign the Full Moon takes places different dynamics will be highlighted.

Tonight in the northern hemisphere, she is shinning brightly, delighting our eyes and soul, triggering emotions, giving you inspiration, rest time, to be at peace, releasing, healing, dreams, calm, contemplate,  you might get moonstruck…

“Do not swear by the moon, for she changes constantly. then your love would also change.”

William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

Artwork The Moon XVIII – Oak, Ash and Thorn Tarot by Stephanie Burrows and Adam Oehlers.

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