Podcast: Hail the Queen Episode #9

Podcast: Hail the Queen Episode #9

It has been awhile since I wrote on my blog, simply due to the lack of time in the last two months. Travelling for work and personal reasons got me off the usual track, time to fix it! This blog post is an invitation to listen to the wonderful Podcast: Hail the Queen

A podcast created and hosted by Rayna who is an amazing beautiful woman and the owner of Reina Organics. An online retailer where you will find gorgeous beauty brands based on their integrity & philosophy. Reina Organics aims to empower customers through the products offered by helping them feel good in their skin. Quoted from her website: “Beauty starts with you”.

Rayna and I crossed paths through Instagram, we had a beautiful click when we first met, which has evolved into a wonderful friendship which I very much cherish and feel grateful to have.

And guess what: Episode #9 is where I became part of her podcast, it has been a honour! For Green Diva too who, of course, could not miss out the fun! Besides the particular interview with me, there are so many wonderful chats to listen to in her Podcast: from Brand founders (Ava, Josh, Laurel) to bloggers (Rachael, Neige, Jana). I look forward to listen to more of Hail the Queen future interviews!

Here is the link to it.

Happy listening & enjoy!





  1. It’s wonderful when you make connections like these on instagram. That is what it’s all about!

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