Hello Beauties!

I hope this post finds you all well, it has been a while since I have blogged or posted anything on Instagram. There are periods in life in which you cannot force things, if it does not feel right then I simply do not do it.

You might be wondering why the title of this post: Rebalance

It is the best way I can describe the past months of my life, from a personal and professional level. I am grateful to have the time and opportunity for reflection, sometimes it is not easy and it can even be confusing. Funny enough you come to the conclusion that you knew it all along.

It has been period of transformation, a period of realisation, a period of rebalancing, a period that is still ongoing.

This also brings me to the direction I want to take Instagram. It all comes down with keeping it realistic, re-defining the way I want to continue posting in a manner that does not overwhelms me. You do learn along the way, and here are some of the lessons I have taken from this period:

  • Sticking to my “happy’ routine using products that are effective and address my particular skin concerns. Even though my routine was pretty consistent, I also fell into the hype of new launches. Can you blame me? I’m human and a beauty enthousiast! Despite keeping a detailed file of what I had, my beauty cabinet got cluttered! There will be always new launches, every month, quarter, half year, year ….it is simply unrealistic to keep up with it
  • Green/organic/clean (regardless of how you define it) products have a shorter shelf life, buy when you are about to finish the product, it will save you money and wasting products
  • Some natural products were or are not effective for my skin, when that is the case I need to opt for products that give me results. I might resource to a product which is a combination of man made with natural sourced ingredients. At the end of the day is all about what works for you, our skin is unique to each of us. In my mind, there isn’t right or wrong, and I certainly do not appreciate fear mongering as a marketing strategy to influence any purchase I make
  • When it comes to PR it is the same as the previous bullet point. Just choose the product to try/test out that based on your knowledge/experience will be good for your skin. I think it gives you a better experience, as well as deeper appreciation towards the creators/brand who pour their knowledge and passion into each of the formulas they create. Personally, it’s a privilege when a brand reaches out to me, the more reason I want to be throughout with testing/trying the product; it gives an opportunity to choose the right product and eventually provide detailed feedback
  • Cleansers and masks is where I rotate and play around. They are designed to give you an instant result, no fuss here. Fun to share, masking will be appearing more often in my feed
  • While trying to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle it also means, that you need a fair amount of disposable income to afford ethical and sustainable consumption options. Hence that it’s very specific and personal to each of us. Certainly not an exception when it comes to beauty products. In my mind sustainability is not only that. It is true that starts with you trying making the right choices for yourself, however it is much broader than that. Think about fashion: what do you do with your old clothes? Give them away? Sell them? Regardless of what you do, clothes that get recycled will end up in the exact same overloaded waste stream, a consequence of the trendy fast fashion that is overflowing the second hand market. Same applies for beauty; where do you bring products that you tried but you don’t use them for one reason or the other? My point is that sustainability requires a global systematic change, that goes way beyond our own individual efforts of trying to be a conscious consumer

The way I will be moving forward will be much easier and fun to manage, hopefully you will enjoy the changes. First, I will be posting my current AM and PM routine; please bare in mind if you don’t see my very favourite products in display, it is simply because I’m using up and enjoying other products.

Afterwards it will be followed with quite a number of empties/reviews of finished products during my prolonged absence. Be ready for plenty of reading! and of course my beloved Green Diva!

I would also like to thank all of you for being such loyal followers and a very special thanks to those that reached out to check on me, so sweet and kind. Thank you!

Much love to you all,

Adri Xx



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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your way forward and I cannot wait to see your new content and you in my feed again xx

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